Neroli Hydrosol (orange flower blossom).

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Floral water from the distillation of neroli (orange flower blossom).
• Known to help calm without causing sleepiness.
• Good for relieving anxiety and hyperactivity.
• Astringent properties make it helpful in the treatment of delicate, sensitive, or oily skin.
• Affordable alternative to the pure neroli essential oil.
• May be used as an aroma body spray.
Skin Type: Sensitive, oily, acne-prone; caution with
dry skin as it may be too astringent
Properties: Astringent, mildly sedative and calming attributes, acne-prone, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, aids digestion
Indications: Anxiety, acne

Applications: Facial toner for oily acne skin; spray on the scalp to help control oil; spray on face and chest to calm anxiety; add to hot or cold compress or spray-on the abdomen to calm an upset stomach

Directions: Spray on face and body or apply with cotton.

Please keep refrigerated to prolong freshness